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Dr. Melissa is a psychologist, speaker and coach who is passionate about helping people develop their inner core confidence. 


More than any other personal attribute core confidence is the factor that most determines the course of a successful life.  



Dr. Melissa specializes in helping ambitious professionals, parents, and leaders develop a core confidence that is stronger than their fear or anxiety in order to achieve greater success in life.  She has extensive experience with anxiety, trauma/PTSD, and in working with college/graduate students as well as athletes.


“Being able to recognize ones strengths and weaknesses accurately and adjust ourselves accordingly is essential to building confidence & overall success.”

– Dr. Melissa Gressner

Whether working as a therapist or a coach,

Dr. Melissa is able to provide her unique blend of real life experience and doctoral expertise to help her clients connect, redirect, and prosper.

“Core Confidence is trusting yourself and feeling strong and secure in who you are both inside and out.  Many buy into the myth that people are either born with confidence, or they are not. But in truth, confidence is learnable, adjustable and capable of reconnection.  Other people may mistake strong confidence with arrogance.  Yet in reality, confident people attract others with their warmth and trust while arrogance turns us off and creates disconnection.”

– Dr. Melissa Gressner

Dr. Melissa received her doctorate of psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and completed her undergraduate degree at Xavier University.

How I Keep Balance

Exercise is my #1 stress reliever & I love running, strength training, and yoga – and exploring all the nature in Colorado while hiking in the mountains or exploring the city parks Denver has to offer.

While also juggling roles as mother to two rambunctious boys, fur baby Lucy, and business owner – I find that being able to laugh and enjoy the beautiful chaos that surrounds me helps me survive all the curve balls life brings me.


“I struggled daily with my self esteem and self confidence from my teenage years into my adulthood.  Dr. Gressner helped me realize the vortex I was in.  She helped me change my internal dialogue from negative and self-depreciating to motivating, accepting and strong."
- professional, wife/mom, & CORE confidence graduate
"I feel much more confident in my ability to handle difficult situations and anything else life throws my way. I feel that Dr. Gressner worked to understand the whole picture of my life and encouraged a healthy balance that was right for me."
- single young professional & CORE confidence graduate