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Coping & Connection


Anxiety is at an all time high. We are worried about our loved ones, ourselves, & the state of their world. And our usual ways of coping- connecting with friends & family, going to gym, eating out – are not an immediate option right now. BE CREATIVE. Find new ways to do the things you need to do to stay balanced. Socially connect over group chats online, do at home workouts, find new and different ways to work at home. Through self reflection and innovation we will not only ground ourselves – we may just find a way to inspire ourselves or someone else right now. Help yourself by helping others.

If you would like more connection and ways to help manage your anxiety – try a Coping & Connection session online with Dr Melissa:  

  • BOOST is a brief 25-30 minute online session to help you unload your emotions, increase coping skills, & increase your social connection.
  • INSPIRE is a longer 50 to 55 minute session to help you unload your emotions, explore both the surface & underlying causes of your anxiety, increase coping skills, & increase your social connection.

Therapeutic Services


Dr. Melissa provides a warm, caring, and supportive environment as the roots for therapeutic change. She utilizes a collaborative approach and tailors her work to each individuals needs, personality and multicultural factors.  

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Handling Family Relationships 
  • Work/Life Balance 
  • Relationship/Dating Concerns  
  • Adjustment as New Parent  
  • Managing Grief/Loss 
  • Body Image

Core Confidence Coaching

It’s time to step into Core Confidence so you can trust yourself and feel strong and secure in who you really are.

Many buy into the myth that people are either born with confidence, or they’re not.  But in truth, confidence is learnable, adjustable, and capable of reconnection. 


  • Adjusting to change in personal and career roles
  • Interested in achieving higher levels of success
  • Gaining greater insight & self-awareness
  • Emulate confidence from the inside out

Walk and Talks

Walk & Talk sessions allow you to work through your concerns outdoors in the natural urban setting that Denver provides.


  • Meet at a nearby park and take your therapy OR coaching sessions outside
  • Great for busy and active clientele who want to lessen commute time
  • Parents feel free to bring your young kiddo in a stroller
  • Walking in nature has been found to enhance ones mood 

Speaking Engagements

I had the privilege of booking Dr. Gressner for a presentation on “Developing your CORE Confidence” not long ago.  She was professional, insightful, and most importantly, relatable.  She gave helpful, practical advice on how to create and maintain a positive self-image, not just for one’s own sake, but for that of our children.  Her message was on-point for the target audience and I received nothing but positive feedback from the members of my organization.  We are already looking forward to booking her for a follow-up talk!

Francine Mugge

Attorney and mother of 3

Dr. Melissa loves talking about confidence, anxiety, and success – amongst a myriad of other topics in her wheelhouse.  

To learn more about a topic you are interested in hearing her speak about connect with us.